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      Code of Ethics

      Code of Ethics of users Biofaces

      • The number of people interested in observing and recording wildlife increases every day and so the responsibility to avoid damage to nature and the particular fauna is essential. So this Biofaces code of ethics intended to guide simply users on proper conduct to practice observation and recording of wild animals.

      As an employee

      • • Carefully read and follow the term of use, the photos published criteria and the code of ethics;
      • • Do not insert dubious or false information and notify the moderators if another user includes such information;
      • • Help novice users to identify their records properly;
      • • Respect the other members in the comments;

      As an observer of wildlife

      • • The animal welfare should always come first
      • • Protect the environment in which species live: everything should remain as it was found.
      • • Do not change the behavior of the fauna: avoid stress or expose animals to any danger.
      • • Avoid possible to use recordings or other animals type methods (such as cevas and baits, for example).
      • • Use sparingly artificial light or flash;
      • • Respect the period of breeding animals: keep the proper distance burrows, nests, dormitories and feeding grounds;
      • • Do not touch or change the camouflage puppies, burrows, nests and eggs.
      • • Make sure that the wild animals are not exposed to predation by pets.
      • • Try to stay on existing trails and paths. If you can not, try to minimize the disturbance to the environment.
      • • Promotes sustainable development of the activity: good behavior and respect the simple rules make wildlife watchers great allies of conservation.
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